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Where is New Boston Maine?

Originally I am from Santa Cruz, California.  We moved to Gray, Maine in June of 1997.  My eBay user id is a play on the historical name of our town. 

Gray (New Boston) is located in the area that was originally granted by King of England, Charles I in 1639.  Home of the King's Mast Yard, New Boston slowly grew and was eventually petitioned by the settlers to be charted in the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay in May of 1735.   


As I have been told the story; during an Indian uprising a few years later, our town was burned to the ground.  During the rebuilding process, the town ran out of money and was unable to afford windows for the town hall or the church.  A gentleman from Boston heard the plight of our town and purchased windows and had them delivered. 

When the township was formally incorporated in June of 1778, the 
town fathers renamed the town with the name of their benefactor, Gray.


Like several other businesses in our town, I have adopted the original name of the town for my business, and my eBay user id.  ** New BostonMaine **


Thanks for your interest.  I’ll bet you didn’t think you’d get a history lesson!

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